I’ve been consciously taking some time to work on my health recently, and one of the recommendations from a nutritionist, as well as a few friends, was to try fermented foods and drinks.

This was pretty daunting and I’m just making my way through learning some basics, so wanted to share here as well as ask for your thoughts and experiences.

At the moment, it’s something I’m doing for myself but would also like to introduce more to my children as well.


I’ve started taking a tablet every night before bed, which I bought from a local health food store.  Even trying to find a suitable one was a little confusing though, there are lots of different sorts.  Some involve milk products, and I recently discovered an allergy to cows milk so I need to avoid these.

Miso Soup

Miso soup is something I’m familiar with and enjoy and it’s easy to get hold of at the local Asian superstore in pre-prepared packets.  I often take these to work and they are a nice alternative to tea from time to time.  You can also buy larger packets of miso but it tends to take me a while to go through that and I’m not sure how long I can keep it in the fridge and how I should store so need to look into this more.   I currently only have this a few times a month.


Living in the Netherlands, this is pretty easy to get hold of at supermarkets, especially in the winter, as it’s a traditional food, eaten with a big pile of mashed potato and a worst (sausage).  I don’t mind the taste and the kids like it too.  Not sure how else to cook it though apart from the traditional Dutch “stamppot”.  We currently only have this a couple of times a month.

Kafir Water

A friend recently gave me a jar of “Kafir Water” which is a probiotic.  This week, I’ve had my first drink and it tastes ok – kind of like a very mild beer.   My kids and husband aren’t keen to try.  I’m still a little unsure about exactly how to look after it and consume it, so am trying to learn more on YouTube and other sources, here’s a few I’ve found so far, can you recommend others?  Some seem to make it fairly complicated and others are simple (which suits me much better!).

So that’s a start so far, I’d love to hear about your experiences or comments on any of these, or other ideas.



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