Family Friendly Networking 08 March 2010

The first ever Professional Parents event was held at the Mother Baby Hub on Monday 8th March 2010.  What started as a concept for a university assignment (services marketing), became a reality, bringing together parents who run businesses from home.

So what is Professional Parents?  Here is the mission statement:

Professional Parents is a service which creates the opportunity to network and gain valuable information and insights from other parents in a family-friendly environment.  It also offers low-cost, targeted marketing for your own business in an enjoyable, time-efficient manner.

The events have been organised by myself, Renee, from Zestee Concepts.   We had a great group of participants:

  • Mishelle: BubBee
  • Cathyrn: Travel Managers
  • Nicole: Occupational Therapist
  • Michelle: Good Buy Baby Markets
  • Lisa: I’ve Got Life
  • Kavala: Tilly & Otto
  • Melissa: Appleby Business Support
  • Gina: Mola Designs
  • Tina: Rumbletums
We had apologies from:
  • Bianca: Peekaboo Magazine
  • Jenna: Kidding About Town
  • Leah: Good Buy Baby Markets
  • Michelle: Gentle Footsteps
  • Jillian: Midwife
There were a few gorgeous children than joined us, as the main concept of Professional Parents meetings is that babies and children can come along too.  They were kept entertained by our lovely volunteer, Jemma, who is studying towards a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood.
During our programme we covered some interesting topics and shared useful information and skills for those who balance business and family.   It was presented in 5-10 presentations:
  • Brodie from the Mother Baby Hub spoke about the one-stop wellbeing centre for young families.
  • Lisa from I’ve Got Life (Nutritionist) spoke about Nutritional Tips for busy working parents
  • I spoke about what is marketing & why is it relevant to me
  • Cathryn from Travel Managers spoke about Family Friendly Holidays

It was a great morning and I aim to be able to offer these events monthly, to keep up to date with upcoming events, follow the Professional Parents Facebook page or keep an eye on this website.

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