Family Friendly Networking 08 April 2010

For our second Professional Parents event, we again met at the Mother Baby Hub in Strathpine.  It was great to have a summary of the day written by Louise from BabyBuggs photography, head on over here to read it.  (And there is a screenshot of this great article below in case the post ever disappears).

babybuggs blog 1

babybuggs blog 2

Here is the list of participants so you can connect with each other, some came back from the last event on 08 March 2010 and we had some new faces too.

and myself: Renee from Zestee Concepts.

Jemma is undertaking a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood and did a great job as a volunteer to keep the children busy while we shared experiences.

We packed a lot of information into our programme for the morning.  Firstly, Nicole Grant spoke about Home Office Ergonomics and Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention.

Then we had a round table discussion on getting organised – a crucial skill for parents balancing business and family.

Looking forward to our event next month!



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