Family Friendly Networking Workshop: 06 May 2010

 This week was the third Professional Parents Family Friendly Networking Workshop, held Thursday 6th May, with a growing group of  inspiring, intelligent and friendly parents who own their own business.

Hosted by the fantastic Mother Baby Hub in Strathpine, which offers a range of services and facilities for parents all in one place, such as a GP, Physio, Occupational Therapist, beautitian and cafe, the children were kept entertained by the new practice assistant – thanks Mel!

Themed “Internet Marketing” so we could focus upon learning more about this invaluable tool to grow our business, our guest speaker, Peter Dowse of Marketeam, shared some of his expert knowledge of this topic with us.

As these family-friendly workshops are still a new concept, we have been experimenting with different ways of sharing knowledge most effectively.  Though each workshop there is just so much we have to share, it seems short bursts of information are best.  The children seem to agree…and this in itself is a valuable lesson as Professional Parents – we need to learn quickly, and even then can usually not go into as much depth as we would like, as there are often little ones who need our attention.  However the trick is to know where to go and who do ask when you do need to find answers later.

So Peter was kind enough to try and squeeze what is usually more than a three hour presentation into 45 minutes (thanks Peter!) and it’s evident he had so much more valuable experience to share.  However  we were all able to benefit from his expertise and he was patient and insightful with our specific questions relating to our own business.  For those who would like to learn more from Peter, or who missed him this time, he’s kindly offered to run a more in-depth seminar in an evening, where we will make sure there is internet access available, so he can impart even more valuable tips and tricks so that we can use SEO and internet marketing to our advantage.  Email to register your interest.

As has been evident in the previous two workshops, everyone finds the face-to-face networking valuable both personally and professionally.  As the Professional Parents Community grows, it’s exciting to see such a great mix of people, personalities and products and services – all with one important thread in common – we’re all working hard to balance business and family.

The very talented Deborah Batchelor of DBA Design  will be shortly much more involved in Professional Parents as she’ll be working with us to develop our branding further.  Aside from being a graphic design artist she still manages to have creative talent to spare to make gorgeous, reasonably priced jewelry for Rock Ribbons.  She donated lovely ear-rings as a door prize, and had more available for viewing after the workshop – several pairs were snapped up quickly as mother’s day presents!

Kavala Williams of Tilly and Otto was the lucky door-prize winner.  Visit the Tilly and Otto site for Kavala’s wonderful designs, which are a display of whimsical, echanting outfits for girls from vintage inspired fabrics and the now-famous “little man shorts”, which are completely individual, edgy, statement shorts for super-cool boys!  Her gorgeous son was very co-operative and snuggled up to mum for a nap during the presentation, just beautiful.

Ashleigh Holye of Mm is for Me joined us again, travelling from the Sunshine Coast, and it’s lovely to have her as one of our “regulars” now despite the distance.  Her gorgeous personalised children’s clothing and decorations have a fun educational twist – and are really reasonably priced.

Rebecca Kerr from KP Training also travelled from the coast to join us for the first time, though Rebecca is a seasoned networker as we’ve met at other great organisations such as the North Lakes Chamber of Commerce and CBEC (Caboolture Business Enterprise Centre).  Her business offers unique, fun team building adventures on the beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterland to help unlock the true potential of your business teams…and yourself.

Michelle Aleckson from Gentle Footsteps again demonstrated her passion for sustainable, organic, chemical free products which also fit with our modern lifestyle.  She brought along some great bargains such as the Onya Stainless Steel drink bottle for only $12.95, which my toddler just couldn’t wait to get her hands on and gave it the ultimate toddler compliment…she took it to bed with her for a nap!

Louise Dolben from Woolgrub offers high quality, 100% Australian made products such as blankets of pure australian wool manufactured in Australia..chemical free, soft, fab colours and machine washable…the perfect snuggly solution as the evenings get cooler.

Mishelle Morgan from Bubbee brought along her sister this time, Sam from Fired Up Fitness.  A very talented, entreprenurial family with loads of energy, great products and wonderful ideas.

Corinna Steele of Smart Stars told us it was her first time to attend a networking event, being “new to the business world”, and found the presentation useful and enjoyed meeting the other participants to tell us about her exciting new centre offering innovative programs for children.  With an education background, she is now sharing this ho help give children a head start to help them start school confidently.

Sarah Armitage from Stella Property Services was another first time visitor, adding to the diversity of the services represented in the group, with her boutique web-based real estate agency offering great service at a much lower commission than industry standard.  This is made possible by their focus on electronic marketing and lower overheads, so she had some particularly relevant experience to share on this topic.

Sue Lester from Growing Content helps smooth your path from where you are to where you want to be, and is experienced in helping us when we are struggling to balance the mother/wife/sex goddess/business woman aspects of our personality.

Louise Tee from Babybuggs Photography is the only one not in the photo above…as she was behind the lens!  Specialising in natural light maternity and newborn photography, head to her site for some precious shots which “capture childhood”, make sure you do the same before your little ones grow any more!

From my experience as a marketing consultant for my business Zestee Concepts, where I focus on low cost but high impact marketing, utilising internet marketing is crucial to achieving this.  I shared some tips on using internet marketing effectively, click here for highlights from this presentation.

Our Professional Parents community is growing every month, and there are many supporters and past participants who were unable to be at the workshop.  A display table with information on more great businesses showcased some of this talent (below).  The Professional Parents website is growing every week with stories, photos and fantastic products and services from members.  Workshop participants are also invited to an invite-only community where we can continue to connect and share and capture valuable information and experiences between meeting up.

Looking forward to the next workshop already on 10 June, with a finance theme…planned to help us prepare for tax time and the start of a new financial year….hope to see you there!  Book early as places are limited, email or rsvp to our Facebook event

2 thoughts on “Family Friendly Networking Workshop: 06 May 2010

  1. Wow! What a detailed post! I loved reading it and getting a bit of a refresher on everyone and what they do. Thank-you for such an amazing network!

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