Internet Marketing for Professional Parents

Our family friendly networking event on 06 May 2010, I covered Internet Marketing for Professional Parents, specifically about learning to understand how to use it to market your business effectively.  Here are a few highlights from the presentation:

  • Internet Marketing is extremely broad and covers websites, email, newsletters and social networking.  You can read more about internet marketing in general on wikipedia.
  • Internet Marketing is important as it’s a definite trend in marketing so an online presence and understanding of this is crucial.  It’s moving mass marketing of the past to to personalised, targeted communications and bringing one way conversations to being more interactive.
  • Professional Parents should use internet marketing as it’s low cost but high impact and brings great measurability to your marketing (for example Google Analytics)
  • You need to understand the creative vs technical sides – you may do it all yourself, hire a professional or use a combination.  It requires time, cost & talent.

Three top tips for internet marketing:

  1. Set up an online structure to grow as you grow
  2. Try things out, MEASURE THEM and move on if it’s not working for you
  3. It’s a cluttered marketplace – use internet marketing to grow your business and client base, but back it up with phone or face to face connections.

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