Professional Parents Playgroup: first meeting 16 August 2010

What a fantastic turnout for our first Professional Parents Playgroup in Brisbane this morning, with a great group of “mumpreneurs” who balance business with babies & young children.  All those who attended either own a business or would like to, or understand that those there will be “talking business” and promoting their products and services.  With most of us bringing our little ones, it was essential they could have a place to play safely.  The North Lakes Community Centre was perfect for this, with a fenced in play area.   Photo: Kavala & Sebastian (Tilly & Otto), Mel & Koby (A Little Bird), Kylie & Harrison (Brizscapes), Renee & Isabella  (Zestee/Professional Parents)

Organised by Renee Veldman-Tentori, the Playgroup is a more informal alternative to the Professional Parents networking & education workshops.  The concept was also born from a desire to buy from other local businesses and seeing a lack of opportunity to get together regularly with other parents who combine business with family.It was inspired by realising how motivating and useful it can be to have the opportunity to brainstorm and learn from others in a similar situation. 

Due to it being the first time in this location, and a mix up as to what facilities were available, anyone with caffine cravings had to wait so it’s a good thing Kavala wasn’t literally “mugged” when she arrived with her take away coffee from Westfield!  However we were all kept busy meeting each other and connecting Facebook photos with names and faces, and it was wonderful to hear so many animated conversations.  The children had a great time with a dress up box, lego and other toys.

 Janelle from Big Cake, Little Cake supplied delicious cupcakes for today’s RSPCA Cupcake Day, and she also arranged some coffee and milk – thanks.

Here is a list of who was there, as the time flew by so quickly we didn’t all get a chance to swap details.  A new Professional Parents Playgroup Facebook business page has been formed to organise the group and future events, with links to the pages of these businesses/websites if you would like to contact anyone directly.

  • Renee from Zestee Concepts Marketing
  • Janelle from Big Cake Little Cake
  • Kavala from Tilly & Otto
  • Gayle from Mummy’s Wish
  • Ruth from Serendipity Hairdressing
  • Hilary from Kidiki
  • Ngaire from Brisbane Kids
  • Carme combines a psychology degree with name analysis
  • Emma from Big Fish Little Cheese
  • Marney from Kinique

We had 3 “Mel’s”:

  • Mel R. from A Little Bird
  • Melinda from Bid Said Fred
  • Mel H. from Pugglebunz

…and 3 Kylie’s!

  • Kylie V. from Brizscapes Landscaping
  • Kylie-Jane from Jammed in Suburbia
  • Kylie M. is a new Tuppaware consultant

Due to interest in both Mondays & Fridays, and some people who could only do one or the other, in September we will try both.  The aim is to meet fortnightly, with exact dates posted as events on the Facebook page.  We plan on becoming affiliated with Playgroup Australia and details on this will also be discussed on the Facebook page.

The time just flew by and at the end we were all tired (but happy) and looking forward to the next Playgroup!  Email if you’d like to join us.

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