Professional Parents Playgroup 27 August 2010

Our second Playgroup was held this morning at the North Lakes Community Centre and again was a fun and friendly gathering.  This time we did have the tea & coffee sorted and sat in the warm winter’s sun to discuss tips and tricks such as getting free local media coverage to promote our businesses.  We also began the process to register with Playgroup Australia.Left to right in the photo are:

  • Kylie from Brizscapes Landscaping
  • Kavala from Tilly & Otto
  • Fiona from FETE Cards
  • Renee Veldman-Tentori: Professional Parents & Zestee Concepts
  • Ngaire from Brisbane Kids
  • Jenna from Milk Bottles & Kidding About Town

and the photo was kindly taken by

  • Prue who works part time at a physiotherapist practice and is considering her own business

Our children all had a nice time playing, and Isabella was even confident enough to leave my hip and move into the toybox this time! 

If you’d like to join us at a future Playgroup, please join our Professional Parents Playgroup Facebook Page and check the events tab for dates.  We’re open to sponsors for future playgroups if you’d like to showcase your own business, and also looking for people to organise morning tea for the adults, and activities for the children.

Hope to see you at a future Playgroup!


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