Sunshine Coast Family Friendly Networking 15 Oct 10: Behind the scenes

For details on the workshop, please click on the image for a complete version of the flyer, or email and I’ll forward it to you.  Information is also under this Facebook Event. 

Now for a “behind the scenes” look at the workshop…

For those of you who don’t know, Professional Parents is currently organised by one person (me – Renee!) which I balance around 2 young children, a part time job, a small marketing business, and life in general!  Now many people, would think this is crazy….and this has crossed my mind from time to time.   However part of the joy of getting older is starting to learn who you truly are, and for me, I’ve finally come to embrace the fact that I LOVE being busy.  Dedicating myself to doing things I love like planning a workshop (and doing just a little less housework…) I manage to achieve so much more than I ever thought I could.  For reasons even I don’t yet fully understand, I’m just very driven to organise stuff… such as bringing link-minded people together to share experiences and knowledge. I’ve now run 6 workshops which have all been very different, but all gave me the chance to learn a lot and meet some great people, as well as bring others together.  So despite the hard work in organising, it is all worth it for me.

In terms of promotion to try and get the message out there, I have a marketing budget of $0 (hence the guest speaker, read further) and am certainly no graphic artist!  I would like to learn some basic skills though so alongside the Facebook event for this Friday I put together a flyer.  I am lusting after the Adobe Creative Suite at the moment but it’s a bit out of my price range at about $1500.  I’ve been looking at the trial but having trouble downloading it so used Publisher for this which does the job well enough I suppose.  I can’t really blame the programme for my lack of skills!  I’ve had some ideas  floating around in my head around the branding for sometime and do have a graphic artist working on a logo for me (the lovely and talented Deborah of DB+A designs and Rock Ribbons) but that’s hard for her until I get clear on what I want.  I love bright colours and am working on the concept of building a business being like children building lego so that’s the theme I tried to work with.  I actually built that lego tower with my girls, took a photo and got busy editing in Picasa with words and concepts in the way I would like to organise my website.  In typical Professional Parents style – great business ideas often come to me when I finally do try and switch off and play with the kids! 

I’m excited to have such a talented and successful parent, Leah Squire, respond to my email to be a guest speaker.  I’ve admired Leah’s work  for sometime and bought her fantastic Marketing with No Money book a while ago.  Even after studying a marketing degree and working in marketing for many years now, there were some great tips I learnt from this book, and I loved its simple, straightforward and practical style.  Leah is also the founder and owner of the great – your family travel gurus – a wonderful concept, website and business for families, and for which she has won well-deserved awards.  She’s kindly offered to travel from Noosa to Buderim (the Sunshine Coast is gorgeous but so spread out!), and will be bringing a supply of books at a discounted price of $20.  Whether you buy the book or not, come along and learn from someone who has made her business a huge success!

Apart from this workshop, I have a super busy week coming up which I’m looking forward to.  Everything from working on a marketing plan (my part time job) to running a social media workshop (my marketing business) to a possible tv appearance! (some volunteer work).   My husband also just started a new job last week after almost 3 months out of work, so that’s exciting but a change in our routines of course.  I think my organisation skills and work, life, balance monitor are going to be in overdrive this week!  Especially as the girls have just started showing signs of getting colds so I have topped them up with cuddles and water this evening (and checked my mums schedule for this week as a back up plan!).  Have tucked them into bed, here’s hoping their immune systems are nice and strong.  

Have a great week, hope you manage a great work, life, balance.


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