Sunshine Coast Networking 15 Oct 10: Behind the scenes 2

My last post was about a behind the scenes look at planning the Sunshine Coast networking workshop and this is the second part of the story.  Though there was some interest in the workshop (and I was really looking forward to it!) I have learnt firstly that it can be difficult to pick a date/location that suits everyone.  With quite a few “maybes” but several apologies and only 2 pre-bookings I made the decision to cancel the workshop a few days in advance.  Firstly I didn’t want to have our guest speaker travel some distance without at least a few more confirmations, and the room hire also needed to be considered.  I was already having a challenging week with my girls not too well and I guess mother’s intuition perhaps played a part.

As it turns out, though I found that a hard step to take, it turned out to be the right decision.  Has anyone else had that feeling – not knowing which way to go and then having hindsight confirm it?

In my case, both my car and my sick daughter had high temperatures  so I wouldn’t have been able to be there on the Friday anyway.   If I hadn’t already cancelled the workshop I’m not sure how I would have managed that!  My brother used to be a mechanic so he kindly helped with the car (though not before a rather hefty bill from a local mechanic first), and I nursed my little girl back to being a bouncing toddler within a day or two.

It’s funny, at the time, the whole week felt rather overwhelming, but now looking back a few days later, it  all worked out fine…we’re now all happy and healthy again.  Though I’m disappointed the workshop didn’t go ahead, I’ve still connected with some great people even in the organisation stages, and am learning that every experience counts, regardless whether the outcome is what you originally expected.  Sometimes you think you’re doing ok with the work, life balance…but then you need to readjust the balance at short notice!

Just thought I’d share the story, as I’m guessing most Professional Parents have days, weeks or even months like these.  Do you?

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