Blog Challenge: does what I have to say matter?

Yesterday I started my ultimate blog challenge of 31 posts by the end of January.  Though rather typical of me, I decided to REALLY challenge myself to do this simultaneously with the 3 blogs I set up last year, all with a different focus.  So I’ve just finished a story of a koala rescue I helped with on the weekend for my “Dutch Australian” blog and have written about there being very few ad free surfaces left on my “Zestee Concepts: Marketing Matters” blog .  Though I have already had some trouble deciding exactly what to write about tonight for this blog.  Not just the many questions going through my head but it’s also getting very close to bedtime my brain is telling me but I’m determined to at least get past day 2 of the challenge and not give in just yet…

So  think I’ll just share some thoughts and questions that have been floating around in my mind for quite some time in regards to blogging like What to write?  Well that’s not quite true, I have literally hundreds of ideas and even taken photos and videos ready to blog in the last few months.  However there has been something stopping me….and not just the fact I juggle a part time job with my own business and being a mum.  So perhaps the more important question I’m dealing with is does what I have to say matter?  

However I’ve decided – prompted by the blogging challenge – is that what it comes down to, write a regular blog is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and 2011 is going to be that year for me.  I’ve also had some great encouragement from friends (and other bloggers!) in that whatever I have to say, and regardless of how many millions of bloggers there are out there already, even with similar experiences – my own stories, thoughts and interpretations are totally unique.

I did get started with a personal blog a long time ago and just went back to find that – which I’ve not posted to in over a year – and am stunned to find my first post was actually way back in February 2005!  Also very interesting to note that I started out with very simple posts and photos, then went into writing more and more – and then simply stopping!

Overall though, I know I’ve always been a writer – though still have a lot to learn, and the only way to do that is to practice and experiement.  From a young age I’ve had a passion for books and the written word and my books and diaries are my most treasured possessions – and my 3 year old seems to be already displaying that passion as well (nature or nurture or both?!).

I used to write regularly, both for work and for pleasure, and still do write a lot for work.  However since I’ve had my two girls the “for pleasure” has dwindled dramatically and I want to change that.    My greatest motivation is quite selfish – I just want to write!  I could make it a purely personal thing, like I’ve done at some stages, and not share it at all, but I like the concept of blogging and having it “live” so it is accessible for anyone else interested – whether that may be 1 or 1000, friends, family or beyond!  I guess to be perfectly honest, I also like to think that sharing my experiences may at some level help support and inspire others – just like other blogs have done for me (and I’ll share some of those great blogs soon),

So I’m certainly on my way to being a serious blogger now – this is the end of my 6th blog post in 2 days (spread out over the 3 blogs).  I know I can’t sustain this kind of intensity but it’s been great to get a kick-start like this, thanks to the ultimate blog challenge!  I was up until midnight last night writing but getting quicker…tonight it’s only 10pm and I’m off to sleep (especially as Isabella will be up at 5am no doubt)…

If you’re a writer who is not writing – what have been your hurdles you have overcome – or still need to face – in starting to blog?

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