First mum/daughter theatre outing

Just home from a lovely night out with my 3 and a half year old daughter, Sophia and my mother in law (who is on holidays from Holland).  My youngest (Isabella, 18  months) stayed home with papa and opa, while Sophia, oma and I went out for a fun-filled cultural evening!  First a visit to the museum, then a BBQ with colourful characters (organised by QPAC) and then a great show called “Letter’s End”.

Really special to share experiences like this.  I’ve always loved the theatre and now enjoy it even more through watching Sophia’s reactions.  Lovely evening out!  I’m always persuing that work life balance and this has definately topped up the tank on the “life” side.

Photos of Sophia & I with Brisbane city in background, and at Queensland Museum as bugs.

Letter’s End is at QPAC until 15 January – more info here:


One thought on “First mum/daughter theatre outing

  1. Sounds lovely! We haven’t ventured to the theatre yet but I have been enjoying Una’s company when shopping or just walking around more and more.
    Sophia is adorable, can’t believe how big they’ve gotten, it feels like the reunion at Tina’s was only yesterday!

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