January 2011

Well the New Year is well and truly here.  I’ve had a lovely holiday with my family, despite the rain!  The photo shows my girls and husband on our holiday to Noosa – though it rained every day, the girls had a great time in their raincoats and gumboots.

I’m looking forward to getting stuck into 2011 and hope you all had a great start to the year.  My thoughts go out to those affected by the flooding.  Just as I typed that word, a new downpour began.  Being in north Brisbane we are not currently in a danger area but it’s certainly been very wet.  I’ve had relatives here from Holland and am wondering if they bought some rain with them…if so they are leaving shortly!  We will miss them though and it’s been a pleasure to watch our daughters spend time with their grandparents.

As many of you know, I balance being a mum with a part time job and my own business alongside running Professional Parents.  I also had a few challenges to overcome in 2010 but am pleased to say all is on track with our little family as the new year starts.  I’ve settled in as Business Development Manager at the Women’s Health & Mother Baby Hub (which I LOVE), have had some great speaking opportunities for my marketing business (Zestee) and my husband starts a great new job tomorrow.  My girls are happy and healthy, with Sophia (3 and a half) a very social chatterbox (no idea where that comes from!) and Isabella also has started talking just this week (she’s now 18 months).  I also finished my Bachelor of Business (marketing & tourism) and flew to Melbourne to graduate, and also somehow managed to squeeze in a Cert IV in Small Business Management late last year (was lucky enough to receive a government sponsored place).

I’m learning to accept that I truly do thrive on being super busy, and am getting better and better at achieving a work life balance (which I prefer to call “life work balance” in order of importance!).  So with Professional Parents I’m taking things at a manageable pace in 2011 however am learning to work smarter rather than harder so there will still be lots of opportunities to be involved this year.

I’ve met some amazing people in 2010 and made some good friends, and have been so proud to see their businesses grow.  We’ve all had ups and downs but have learnt a lot (on our own and from each other) and I’ll be profiling many of these on this blog in coming months. 

I was also thrilled to see some great business relationships and friendships form between those who have met at the Professional Parents workshops and playgroup – that’s what really motivates and drives me, bringing people together.  

Looking forward to catching up with friends I’ve made in 2010 and making new friends this year. 

The best way to keep up to date with upcoming events is to join the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/professionalparents (and check the events tab). 

Tomorrow’s post will outline the services Professional Parents will be offering in 2011 and I’d love your feedback.

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