Family Fun: Kumbartcho Sanctuary

We’ve been meaning to visit Kumbartcho Environmental Centre for a long time and glad that we finally did! “Aussie Rangers” was the name of the event held here today as part of the Moreton Bay Regional Council School holiday programme.   We really did feel like we were on a real adventure in this beautiful environmental sanctuary, in Eatons Hill (North side of Brisbane).  This was once Bunya Park Wildlife Sanctury but thankfully when subdivided for housing in the late 90’s, part of this land was kept by the council.  Kumbartcho may be a difficult name to say and remember at first, but is the Aboriginal name for the hoop pines which are plentiful here, and throughout Moreton Shire.

Travelling from Kallangur we had to go “the long way around” via the highway as the AJ Wyllie Bridge is closed at Petrie after sustaining damage in last week’s floods.  It wasn’t difficult to find though and parking was easy.

The effervescent Kim Panto manages this centre, and was our “head ranger” for the morning.  First we did some fun craft acitivities inside the environmental centre, and the children helped Kim feed the fish (and let’s just say this isn’t just a tiny goldfish tank!).

Next we were off on an adventure.  Ranger Kim shared her wonderful passion and knowledge of the local native plants, letting the children in on bush tucker smells:

We had a delightful wander around the paths and she showed us the innocent looking creek which was much higher in last week’s floods.  We stopped off at the nursery where the children all chose and re-potted a plant to take home.  The girls and I thoroughly enjoyed this.  It was lovely to see that it was an activity that suit all ages – from my 18 month old right through to much older children and the parents.

Afterwards we headed home, the girls falling asleep in the car, exhausted but happy!  Will definitely be heading back for another visit, this is one of Brisbane’s hidden treasures.

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