Professional Parents Playgroup: 24 Jan 2011

Today was our first 2011 playgroup and I really enjoyed the morning.  Thanks to those who braved road closures and first-day-at-school traffic to be there.  We had lots of first-time visitors so a huge welcome.

Anastazia from Tiny Tootsies Photography took the lovely photos used in this blog – a big thanks and if you’d also like to get some family portraits done at reasonable prices you can find out more information on her Facebook page.  Her boys Xander and Zaqarie were really well behaved, thanks boys.

Kylie from Cunning Bumz is becoming a Professional Parents regular and it’s a pleasure to have her there with the cute brother & sister team Ariana & Jai.

Donna from Tumbling Tigers Party Hire still managed to find some energy after a full day at the IGA Rhymes Festival yesterday.  Daughter, Annika and Donna were our pikelet stars this morning, mixing and cooking up a storm…yum!

Kristina and daughter Riley also helped out.  Kristina is just starting up a family day care centre in Albany Creek called Possums Family Day Care and is great with kids so if you need to book your children in for care, give her a call!

Adelle was also a first timer and daughter, Zenna was our youngest playgroup member at only 4 months but seemed to be very social and enjoy the outing!  Adelle works part time for the council and must be one of their favourite staff members as she is in payroll!

And of course myself, Renee Veldman from Zestee Concepts Marketing & Professional Parents was there with my girls, Sophia and Isabella.  Sophia initiatied the music part of the morning and Isabella just loved playing in the little house.

Both tell me they love going to the Women’s Health & Mother Baby Hub where we hold our Playgroup – it’s always hard to get them to leave!  Luckily I work there so though they’re usually at daycare the days I work, they also get to come along there regularly.  If you haven’t yet been to the Hub, please do check out all the classes and events that are happening, and you can also follow us on Facebook

Looking forward to the next Professional Parents Playgroup – these will be held monthly on the 3rd Monday of each month, with the next one planned for Monday 21st February.  Please do double check our Facebook page to be kept up to date with events.

4 thoughts on “Professional Parents Playgroup: 24 Jan 2011

  1. What gorgeous photos! It sounds like it was a special morning and I’m sorry we couldn’t be there. Will was in kindy while I was doing all the routine check ups for the bub up at Nambour.

  2. Kristina Possums Family Day Care

    I had an awesome time, such a great group of ladies… and kids as well. Riley was so excited that she made new friends, and really wants to come back. Its awesome to find a forum that is so supportive, as opposed to competitive and trying to shut others down. Keep up the good work. If i can, i’ll be at the next playgroup!

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