Support a mother in business this mother's day

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend.  Our family had a lovely few days having all sorts of adventures.  Collecting the “junk mail” from the mailbox today though, I can tell that before the public holiday is even over,  the focus has just changed from Easter to Mother’s Day.  No more advertising pages full of chocolate eggs and bunnies, now it’s jewellery, pajamas and slippers.  If you’re like me, the constant commercialism can leave you a little jaded at times.

However here is a new way to look at it.  Every event in the commercial calendar is a great opportunity to support other parents.  What a wonderful way to celebrate mother’s day in particular – by buying from other mothers (and fathers) in business.  Not only are there a lot of Professional Parents out there who have beautifully unique products and wonderful services, I’ve also been very impressed at the prices (if you’re an international reader, these are all in Australian dollars).

I asked for ideas on the Professional Parents Facebook page, and here are five to get you started:

1.  Merendi Health & Wellness  on Brisbane’s North Side is offering  a 1hr pregnancy, relaxation or remedial massage for $55, normally $77.  Call 1300 881 536 for more information or to book.

2.  Baby Jewels : Jennifer has let me know about her beautiful, safe, affordable baby and children’s jewellery and gifts for Mums, and I had fun looking through her beautiful website.  Free shipping world-wide plus free gift-wrapping and card with personal message on request.  Lots of items for Mothers’ Day currently marked down in the Specials Category.   The lovely Tiffany Inspired Bracelet below is just $37.95.

3. White Lotus Health & Healing have plenty of products to keep you happy and healthy.  For a smaller budget, the Magnesium Miracle Soak ($10.95)  or Miracle Skin Elixir ($25) may be just what you need, or for a higher budget and more adventurous buyer, a really unique gift that Nisha has pointed out from her site is a Yantra Mat ($99), with her description below.

“If you suffer from stress, poor sleep, low energy, tense muscles, stiffness, headaches, back or neck pains, or simply need a better more complete rest, then the Yantra Mat could be the best thing for you.  Based on the healing art of acupressure, the initial temporary discomfort subsides and endorphins and oxytocin are released within your body. Your body’s rush of its own pain-relieving and happiness hormones will give you a real sensation of enjoyment and tranquillity. After only a few weeks, many users experience fantastic results with increased well-being and improved health from regular use”
4.  Giuseppe Poli (Artist) has a whole range of beautiful artwork – and it doesn’t have to be just in the kids room!  Why not treat yourself to a very original family portrait?  In this gorgeous babushka doll style, you can pick a personalised “doll” for each family member from the many samples to recreate your family.  Prices depend on the size of the portrait, but start at just $35.  I had so much fun browsing the facebook “family album”.

5.  Global Kids Oz has highlighted some hauntingly beautiful music.  Owner, JJ said that a Geoffrey Gurrmumls album was perfect for a Mum of any age ($34.95).  I have to say I’d not heard of him so did some searching, and listening to his YouTube Channel now – wow!   He spent several years in the band Yothu Yindi (which I have heard of!) but embarked on a solo career, and has played for the Queen, Pope and sold out shows at Sydney’s Opera House.  Thanks JJ, I don’t know how I managed to miss out on knowing about him for so long but glad you bought his amazing music to my attention.

Well what started as a question on my facebook page turned into a wonderful discovery of Professional Parents products which are now all on my mother’s day wishlist!  I’ll have to make sure my husband reads this post….

Off to bed now but will feature some more later this week.  If you’re a parent in business and have products you think mums would love to receive for Mother’s Day, please email and I’ll feature as many as I can.  (There is no charge involved in promoting your products via Professional Parents – I am simply passionate about supporting parents who balance business & family)

Renee Veldman-Tentori

Professional ParentsWork.  Life.  Balance

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