Abbey Museum Caboolture

I’ve been meaning to visit the Abbey Museum for years and so glad I finally did.  We went along to join the Cutie Curator’s Club which is held every Tuesday morning in school terms.  There is a different theme each week and today was Aztecs & Mayans.

From the moment we arrived I noticed this was a very warm & friendly museum….and most importantly, child friendly.  My almost 2 and almost 4 year old took off immediately to explore and as a parent who is used to needing to “hover” in such places to much sure they don’t damage anything unintentionally, it was such a welcome relief to realise it was quite safe for them to literally wander free.  I even managed to pop outside for a few minutes to eat my unfinished breakfast!  (You might know the feeling, rushing to get somewhere, making sure the kids were fed but not quite enough time to get my own meal finished…)

It was even extra appealing today as there were extra children’s activities set up, scattered through the museum.   I really loved the blend of children’s fun with such educational and historic backdrops.  Perfect balance for me, that the children could play while I actually had time to read the plaques and look at the exhibits.

It’s quite a small museum but still plenty to see, and a mix of interesting displays.  Though we were there all morning, I still feel I could take a few visits back before I had a chance to see everything properly.  As we left, we saw one group of students learning about Egyptian mummys another group of school students outside building a pyramid together, it looked like so much fun, I wanted to go and join in!

Speaking of fun, the Abbey Medieval Tournament is coming up soon and I’m really looking forward to getting involved in a number of ways.  It starts with a Medieval banquet on 2 July.  I was disappointed to find out a few months ago that this was already sold out – but discovered they need volunteers so I’ve just signed up.  I don’t mind if I’m serving instead of dining, it just looks like a great event to be at.

Next is the Kids Medieval Fun Day and though my children are usually in daycare on a Wednesday and I’m at work, this looks well worth planning a day off for!  There is a really wide range of events, most of which you need to prebook so get in now.

The culmination of the activities is with the Medieval Tournament on 9th & 10th of July.  With an incredible array of displays and activities, this is sure to be a highlight of your year.  I’ll be going along with my family on the Saturday….though after typing that checked out the prices and it’s not much more to buy a weekend pass so perhaps I’ll go along both days, sure seems like a lot to see.

Renee Veldman-Tentori


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