Huggies MumInspired Grants

As both a marketer and a mum in business, I really admire the team at Huggies for their MumInspired awards.

Here are five things I like about this programme:

1.  It recognises mums in business

There is an undeniable trend in Australia (and in several other countries) that many smart, motivated, driven, educated and simply talented mums  choose to combine being a mum with launching their own business.  Though already obviously a leading brand with many mums, I am impressed that Huggies have recognised this trend and created a grant programme around this which not only recognises the winners, but gives validation to many others who applied.

2. It gives 5 mums the financial boost they need to get ahead

It’s tough starting out in business, especially if you are developing a new product.  Many mums in  business may well need to dip into family savings for their business investments, which can really be a tough decision.  Receiving a grant such as this can take that pressure of and allow them to focus on growing their business without that pressure.

3. It gives media coverage to the winners

Having a big brand like Huggies behind the awards ensures media coverage, which along with the financial contribution is also a very important part of growing a business.  Check out The Morning Show 03 June below as one example:

4. It provided some resources and experience to all entrants

The MumInspired website offers a great section with lots of articles, ideas and tips for mums in business, which is still online as I write this (and I hope stays there for a while as I’d like to find some time to go through it!)

5.  Huggies took the time to acknowledge all entries

Did you enter but weren’t a winner?  Did you get a nice little notepad in the post?  Well it’s not $20,000 but still  a nice touch!

You can read about all five of the grant winners on the MumInspired website and get to know Rachel & Lia of toddler tints in our Professional Parents Profile.


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