10 lessons from my toddler…taking a walk

I’ve heard myself say it way too many times to my girls…”Come on, hurry up!”.  However the blessing with children is that they persist in teaching you important lessons.  I’d like to share these photos which are a perfect example of lots of lessons my toddler is teaching me.  A big one is to simply slow down.  Taking a walk between our house and daycare takes me less than 10 minutes when I’m on my own.  With my girls, it can be a 20-30 minute walk, and here are some wonderful reasons why:

1.  Stopping to pick flowers on the way. 

What a magical thing to hear, my daughter’s delight as she exclaimed “mama, lots and lots of flowers!” as she scoops down to capture a couple.

2.  Taking time to share

Handing flowers to mama along the way, makes me feel so special to have these bestowed upon me with such sincerity!

3. Exercise is important

Don’t you love how children want to run…just because they can!  They also insist I run with them which my very unfit body protests at, but exercise is so important and I love how naturally it comes to children.

4. Go out of your way to have some fun

Though she has to take a short detour to get there, she is always quite happy to go a bit out of her way to have fun swinging on this bar.  (Don’t you love the crazy hair!)

5. Make the most of wide open spaces

This is one part of our walk where I’m not concerned about traffic, so both girls love the freedom to just run ahead of me across the wide open space.

6. Surprises are fun (even when you expect them!)

After papa did it once on a walk, the girls just love to hide here then jump out and go RAAAAAA to “surprise” me.

7.   Children love routine

If I ever was a skeptic about the value of routine in a child’s life, this regular walk has taught me that children need it, and love to create their own routine.  Most of these parts of our walk happen without fail each time, all led by the girls themselves, including balancing along this plank someone has across their driveway. She holds out her little hand every time we approach it, and if i ever try to change the routine (such as suggesting she hold her sisters hand or go around the plank), she’s just not happy!

8. Doesn’t matter what you look like!

Speaks for itself really!  None of this worrying about what your hair or clothes look like before you leave the house…oh and her best friend, Elf, is always by her side.

9.  Nature produces the most awesome things

Girls are just fascinated by the gumnuts on the ground (and I think they’re pretty cool too!)

10.  Home sweet home

No matter how much fun you have out exploring the world, it’s always nice to make it home safe and sound.

So there are 10 wonderful lessons I’ve learnt from my toddler on our walks.  What has your toddler or child taught you lately?

8 thoughts on “10 lessons from my toddler…taking a walk

  1. Renee, this is an absolutely gorgeous post. It brought to mind a letter I found from my Grade 1 Princess the other day – it’s not a ‘lesson’ she taught me per se, but rather something that made me stop and realise that children feel so deeply and experience things so intensely – as you’ve illustrated so beautifully above. My daughter had written a letter for me for Mother’s Day – when she was still learning to write and thus wrote very phonetically – but she had put it on her Daddy’s desk where it got ‘lost’ in the pile and he only just found it the other day. It read:

    Dere Mummy,
    I louve you so much I could criue (cry). It is onederful being yoor chiould (child). Love from Charlotte.

    It made me stop what I was doing, go and find her, and smother her with kisses until she was squealing with laughter. We should all stop and let life wash over us this intensely – even if just for a moment each day…… it felt pretty special.

    Here & Now Health

    1. Thanks for sharing Carla, that is just beautiful! That’s why I love trying to focus on the special things like this, there are so many difficult moments being a parent but it’s more than outweighed with things like this isn’t it. Hope to catch up soon!

  2. Marieke

    Wat een prachtig foto verhaal. En wat worden de meiden groot! Sophia’s haar wordt donkerder en Isabella is een klein Basje
    Groetjes uit Holland

  3. Gorgeous pics Renee, My 13yr old has created a Vision Board – the words of inspiration that she’s added are a great reminder – Live Life Large, Always stand up for what is right, A smile goes along way – no matter how I’m feeling – seeing the board just mellows me.
    The world is safe in our kids hands 🙂

    1. Nice to “almost” meet you in person yesterday and great that your 13 year old is working on that, I remember doing collages of Tom Cruise etc when I was 13 from Smash Hits magazine but a vision board would have been much more useful!

    1. Thanks Krishna, yes got to love that hair! She’s 2 now and still no chance of a plait yet, though we have (just!) managed piggy tails. They teach us a lot, if we’ll learn. Definitely think they are wiser than me sometimes!

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