Professional Parents events…one thing in common

I’ve been running Professional Parents events for more than 18 months now.  Actually, I have lost track of exactly how many times I’ve had the pleasure of bringing together parents who balance family and work to share experiences (must check my files and count!).   I’ve tried several different locations and formats and had many amazing people come along.

There is one thing in common with every single event though – I always come away so happy and buzzing, feeling privileged to have spent time with the group of people there that day.  There is  such an amazing array of talent, passion and energy out there.  Every parent who comes along has their own story and though I only hear snippets of each, I find it fascinating and heartening.  Challenges abound and yet all of us are still out there, working hard, building our business and raising our families.   Even those days (or even weeks and months!) when we may feel we’re not getting anywhere, it’s nice to look at things from a new perspective and realise that even tough times give us valuable experience.

Getting together to share our knowledge and experience and help each other out where we can has become such an important part of my “business plan”.  I learn so much in even just a short time from others in business.

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