08 November Business Brainstorming Brisbane

Professional Parents Business Brainstorming
Professional Parents Business Brainstorming 08 November 2011

Wow, what a group yesterday.  Some of you have already become friends and some I’ve just met, but I just love that every single person I spoke to there inspires me, by also working so hard to follow your passions and dreams while also raising a family.  So please, if you haven’t already, take some time to check out these wonderful businesses.  By supporting them, you are helping someone else balance family and work.  Not not only that, it’s an amazing group of women who offer fantastic services and products.  Oh, and for any dads reading this – you are also most welcome, this is not just a mum’s group, it’s just worked out that way so far…

and we almost had

  • Donna & Rebecca from Tumbling Tigers Party Hire (who drove a long way then had to turn around and go home with a sick little one…hope she’s better soon!)

Our theme for this Business Brainstorming session was Relationships & Engagement.

I spoke about the importance of relationships in our lives, both personally and in business.  Just a few things to think about on this topic:

  • Wikipedia defines (interpersonal) relationships as being fleeting or enduring and with some level of interdependence.  People in relationships tend to influence each other.
  • All are important in our lives, even those that may seem “negative” can teach us important lessons
  • The growth of technology has affected relationships in many ways – making it much easier to keep in touch but sometimes affecting the time we spend in face to face conversations
  • Good marketing is about building relationships, communicating clearly and adding value
  • Christmas is a great time to revisit those relationships which are important to you.

For me personally, when I’m asked “how do you do it all” or how to achieve a good family work balance, I would answer that one way is is to conciously working on building strong relationships around you.  Professional Parents has been a great way for me to meet like minded people and form friendships and business alliances, both online and face to face.

Ngaire from Brisbane Kids was our guest speaker on engagement.  With over 11,000 followers on the Brisbane Kids Facebook page and a huge amount of interaction on every post, she has become an expert on this and discussed many valuable strategies and secrets in her presentation, handout and in discussions afterward.  To share just 5 points about facebook page engagement that all businesses could implement straight away:

  •  Be consistent– post daily but not all at once
  • Don’t use auto-posters if you can avoid it (systems that allow you to post ahead of time)- they rank low with facebook and a general consensus is that using them to ask questions defeats the whole purpose of social media and lacks authenticity- too many brands get caught out by auto-posters
  • Make your posts interesting and full of variety- constantly promoting or selling your product won’t bring interaction to your page
  • Bring a sense of self to your page– people like to know the person behind the brand- there is a risk by having more than one person that the style won’t be consistent
  • Speak to your facebook fans like you would a friend– imagine you are in a room with a coffee having a chat- A big room in some cases

A massive thank you to the Mango Hill Tavern for their sponsorship of Professional Parents.  They are wonderfully accommodating with the children and all the staff were friendly and helpful.  Many of us stayed on for lunch, the menu looks great, I really must try something new but keep ending up with the delicious yum cha platter!

The children had a great time, with plenty to keep them busy, from the play area to drawing, to iphones & ipads.  My daughter enjoyed fish and chips for lunch and I left her playing for a few minutes – to discover she even found the floor comfy enough to lay down and take a nap!

I’m excited to announce that with the support of the Mango Hill Tavern, we are now able to offer Business Brainstorming sessions fortnightly, with the next ones being 22 November and 06 December.  To RSVP for these, visit Professional Parents on Facebook and click on events or email professionalparents@zestee.com.au

Renee Veldman-Tentori


2 thoughts on “08 November Business Brainstorming Brisbane

  1. It was a great morning Renee – fantastic to see so many parents in business willing to support each other, learn from each other and inspire each other. It’s nice to know you’re not alone when it comes to searching for the family | work | balance x

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