Mini Christmas Puddings

Mini Christmas PuddingsThis is another in the series of posts of super easy recipes for busy parents!  You may also like to check out very easy Toblerone Cheesecake and Chocolate Snowballs.

I first saw these Mini Christmas Puddings at a playgroup a few years ago.  They looked impressive and once I found out how easy they were, I’ve been making them at Christmas ever since!  This year my two girls also helped.  There are a lot of versions out there, these are my own personal twist.  The way I like to cook is to throw in approximate measures, so I need recipes which can cope with this and still turn out well!  This seems to be one, so you can take all measures below as approximate.


  • 1 store bought fruit cake (I use the Aldi 800g light version)
  • 3 tablespoons apricot jam
  • 150g dark chocolate melts
  • 150g white chocolate melts
  • Red & Green lollies (such as raspberries & mint leaves)

Mini Christmas Puddings 21.  Crumble the fruit cake into a bowl (Miss 2 enjoyed bashing it with a wooden spoon!)

2.  Add around 3 tablespoons of apricot jam (Miss 4 was rather flexible with this, adding very heaped tablespoons)

Mini Christmas Puddings 33.  Melt the dark chocolate melts in the microwave proof bowl for around 1 minute on high, stirring half way through.

4.  Add melted chocolate to mixture and combine.  If you are making an adult version you could also add some brandy.

Mini Christmas Puddings 45.  Roll about a tablespoon of mixture into a ball.  If this is difficult, you can put the mixture into the fridge for 10 minutes to make it more firm.  Miss 4 really enjoyed this step and did quite a good job (all those years of practicing with play dough no doubt!)

6.  Cut up pieces of red & green lollies to represent leaves & holly berries.  Melt the white chocolate in the microwave (again about a minute on high, stirring half way through).  Drizzle this on top of each mini pudding.  (Again depending on the consistency of your puddings, you might like to put them in the fridge for a while first to make them firmer).  Before the white chocolate dries, press in the lollies.  (Though I learnt if you were too late, you could add another little dab of melted chocolate!).

Mini Christmas Puddings 57. Store in the fridge….not sure how long they last in terms of “best before” because they have never lasted more than a couple of days once I have made them!  I put them in a nice Christmas tin alongside Chocolate Snowballs as a gift for the daycare staff, and stuck a little thank you note inside the tin lid.

I also made some smaller packs by wrapping some small pieces of cardboard in aluminium foil and topping it off with glad wrap, ribbon and a christmas message.

Mini Christmas Puddings 7

Last year I saved some egg cartons and bought some mini cupcake papers:

Mini Christmas puddings 8

8.  Enjoy!

Wishing you and your families a wonderful Christmas and a very happy and healthy 2012.

Renee 🙂


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