A brand new year…

New Years Day Beach

It’s a brand new year.  Don’t you love that feeling that comes along with it?  Full of hope and promise for what lies ahead. It’s also the time when many of us are on holidays, and when the family work balance pendulum is often firmly in the “family” side.  My girls (2 & 4) usually go to daycare 3-4 days a week but have been at home for over a week now.  Though we’ve had some of the inevitable tired tantrums, overall it’s been really nice to spend so much time with them.  I was able to watch their delight at discovering Santa’s bounty, have seen them enjoying their trampoline & swing set, drawing beautiful pictures and much more.  It’s also been lovely having my husband home from work so it truly is family time.  I’ve done some thinking about work and a little planning for 2012 but mostly have been able to actually “switch off” for a bit – very rare for me!

Last year my extended family rented townhouses at Noosa for 5 nights over Christmas – and it rained heavily the whole time!  This year we stayed home (north Brisbane) and with family on the Sunshine Coast and made a point of getting out and enjoying the local area.  The weather has been wonderful!  Beautiful warm sunny days but not uncomfortably hot.

We’ve been swimming at Redcliffe Lagoon…

Swimming at Southbank…

To wander around GOMA…

Exploring local walking tracks…

And simply just having fun…


iPhoto photobooth

My wish for myself and for you at the start of this new year is that we can remember how special it is to spend time purely being with family and having fun, and be able to carry this through into our busy lives in 2012.

How have your holidays been?

Happy New Year!





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