Sunshine Coast Business Brainstorming 10 February 2012

Our first event for 2012 on the Sunshine Coast brought together a great brainstorming group for a Marketing & Social Media Morning: Beyond Facebook.

  • Simone: Kids on the Coast Magazine
  • Leanne: Sunshine Coast Kids Club
  • Krishna: Healthy Marketing Blueprint
  • Sue: Red Hot Events
  • Warrick: Action Coach & Account Ability
  • Angela: Account Ability
  • Jenni:
  • Vanessa: Mamma’s Market
  • Christine: Learning Ladder
  • Hinerera: Raw Rich Revitalized
  • Jaclyn: Skill for Kids

We went through a list of various social media tools and discussed how many of us were using each one and the pros and cons.  Almost all of us were on Facebook, about half on Twitter and just a few of us on other tools such as Linked In and Google +.

If you’d like to learn more about social media, you can follow a free 12 week social media school course over on my Zestee website and the Zestee Facebook page.

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