Business Brainstorming 21 February 2012

There were two Professional Parents topics covered in this business brainstorming session on the 21st February 2012 at Mango Hill Tavern.

Firstly, Matt from 4 exercises talked about Health and Happiness.  He shared with us some of the benefits of exercise & eating better, which will be shared in another post soon.

Next, I spoke about Family Work Balance, and demonstrated a model I have come up with to get some perspective on the many things I juggle in life, with the aim to achieve my best family work balance.  Another post on this soon toon.

Here are the attendees so you can connect with each other:

  • Renee: Zestee
  • Ngaire: Brisbane Kids
  • Matt: 4 Exercises
  • Marina: Kindermusik
  • Lesley
  • Annette: Amystic Revelations
  • Leia: Starshine Music Studio
  • Ann: House of Colour
  • Vanessa: Dolly Vardens
  • Chantal: Natural Babycare
  • Maree: Maree Coster Photography
  • Robyn: StyleCovers
  • Kavala: Tilly & Otto
  • Alice: Musical Mama
  • Kirsty: Babies Favourite Things
  • Ronie: Carnival Costumes
  • Catherine: Nu Skin

As always, a huge thanks to the Mango Hill Tavern for their support in providing such a family friendly location.



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