Rock a Buy Baby Market March 2012

I wrote about the Rock a Buy Baby Market in November 2011 and this month I was back there again – this time as a stall-holder!

My “babies” are turning 3 & 5 this year and we have a lot of things they no longer need, so I booked a 2nd hand stall and loaded up my hatchback…

car It was lovely and colourful – and empty – when I arrived at the Strathpine Community Centre (see, I can get up early!)


Soon, it was busy, busy, busy with stallholders setting up:

renee stall

It was a great morning, and I ended up making around $200.  It would have been really hard work to sell things individually, this way it meant that literally hundreds of shoppers came to me during the morning. I also really liked the community shopping atmosphere and caught up with some local people I know.  Yes, there was some emotion selling things that did belong to my girls, but it was wonderful to see some children very excited about taking home things they have outgrown or no longer use.

I enjoyed talking to my “neighbours” Gnomewears and My Heart Flutters (see below for links to their sites)


I had a quick chance to run around and take a look at some of the great business stalls, here are a few:

Had some really yummy dumplings for lunch/dinner (see above for link to Dumpling Envy)
dumpling envy

If you’d like to visit the markets, or book a stall, they are held on the 1st Saturday of every month at the Strathpine Community Hall, Mecklem Street, Strathpine.  For market dates, smallholder information, business sponsorships and more, contact Michelle and Sheree on via the Rock A Buy Baby Market Facebook page.  Tell them I sent you!  Renee

michelle sheree

They also kindly support a couple of local charities, including the great place I work part time, the Women’s Health & Mother Baby Hub – thanks so much Michelle & Sheree for supporting us to spread the word.

mother baby hub

Though I promised my husband I was going to SELL stuff and not do much shopping, I couldn’t resist this amazing bargain – my girls LOVED this leap pad with 2 stories which I bought for just $5.


Make sure you don’t miss out on future bargains!  The 2012 market dates are: 07 April, 05 May, 02 June, 07 July, 04 August, 01 September, 06 October, 03 November & 01 Dec.  Just $2 entry and kids are free.

Professional Parents is all about supporting you to find your family work balance.  Browse this blog for ideas, inspiration and read about people, products & events. Would love your feedback, please take time to comment below.  You can join our community and Professional Parents on Facebook here:

Renee Veldman-Tentori



2 thoughts on “Rock a Buy Baby Market March 2012

  1. Michelle Moore

    Aww thanks so very much Renee, Your support as well has been wonderful for our markets. we work so hard to m,ake the atmosphere as great as possible and we get nothing but wonderful feeddback on that. Again thank you so very much and all the very best for the move x x x

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