Brisbane Business Brainstorming 6th March 2012

What a wonderful turnout for this event, which was a dual celebration of Professional Parents 2nd Birthday and International Women’s Day.

The very first Professional Parents event was on 8th March 2010 and it’s been an amazing journey since then, with over 25 events in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast.  We’ve brought together so many inspiring parents with such diverse talents…all with the common bond of being in the situation of continuing our career or building a business while also raising a family.  Our online and face to face community continues to grow and I’m happy to have YOU as part of it!

After a lot of ups and downs over the two years, I was really thrilled to share the day with such a great group.  Here is one of my own inspirations, my daughter, Isabella, rather upset to have to pause for a photo before getting stuck into those cupcakes!

Renee and Isabella

8th March is also International Women’s Day, which is described on their website:

International Women’s Day is celebrated across the world on March 8th each year. The day is about celebrating the vital role women play in enhancing economic security for their families, communities and countries as a whole while recognising that significant barriers to achieving women’s economic security and equality continue to exist.


What better company to be in than a fantastic group of 30 women, who are all working hard to do exactly that.  We agreed that despite talk of our society moving in the direction to support working mothers, the reality can be quiet different.  Most of us have not been able to find suitable work to fit around our families and still utilise our talents, skills and passions…so have started our own business, but as mentioned above, there are a number of daily battles we face to achieve the economic security we strive for.  Supporting each other’s businesses when we do make a purchase, and recommending them to others is one step we can all take.  I also issued another challenge – to choose at least one woman who inspires us and tell them!

The celebration had a sad note for me personally as it’s become time to admit that due to family commitments and health issues, I am not able to continue running the Brisbane events for much longer.  However I’m really excited to be able to announce that my very talented friends, Ngaire from Brisbane Kids and Kelly from Be A Fun Mum will continue to organise these.  There is a new Facebook page for Brisbane, which will be run by Ngaire and Kelly, (with me still participating in the background).  From the next event (on 20 March), Professional Parents will meet monthly (instead of fortnightly) and will continue to grow as a strong, supportive community for parents in business in Brisbane and surrounds.

Ngaire Renee Kelly

Good news is that I’m not disappearing though, and will continue to run the main Facebook page at and hope to now have some more time to develop the website – and maybe even write that e-book I’ve been planning in my head for almost 3 years now!  Every day I continue to strive for family work balance and love to share my experience of that journey and learn from others on a similar path.

I’ll still attend Brisbane events for a few months at least and look forward to seeing you there.

PP Group 06 March

So you can all connect with each other, here is a list of all the attendees:

I’ve linked to either websites or Facebook pages above, or email addresses for those without these details so everyone is easily contactable. Sincere apologies if I missed anyone or have details incorrect, please comment below or email me on professional and I’ll update the list.  Would be great if you could visit at least one business you haven’t connected with before online and say hello!
Also a big thank you to the amazing staff at the Mango Hill Tavern, how good is it to have such a family friendly venue.
Thanks for all the lovely comments on the birthday card and loved my gift from Chantal of some Happy Bubbles…these are great for babies and children but I’ve kidnapped this bottle for the shower for me…smells so nice and good to know it’s all natural.
You can see more photos of the event over in this Business Brainstorming 6th March 2012 Facebook photo album.
The next Professional Parents event is on 20 March with Dana from Talk About Creative as our guest speaker on DIY SEO.  You can find out more details and rsvp here via the Facebook event – all welcome.
Renee Veldman-Tentori

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