How many hours a week do you think a stay at home mum works?

stay at home mom

Thanks to Yvette from The Creative Collective who posted this infographic on my Facebook wall today with the comment “You’ll like this one Renee.  Though I reckon you do 120!”.  She’s spot on. Though the exact hours may be a little exaggerated but what both of us and almost every working moms/mums is aware of is that we put in countless hours of unpaid work each week.

Now part of the concept of Professional Parents is to recognise it’s both parents – the dads too – who may also choose to be the stay at home parent, so the “mom” is interchangeable with “dad” on this info graphic.

Essentially, this great graphic from really captures  the fact that our society rarely equates the value of unpaid work on household and family tasks with paid work outside the home. Why not? By correlating the many tasks any parent juggles, this visual translates the value to the working world at minimum wages in the USA and I hope really helps change perceptions.

“How many hours do you work a week?”

This question is generally interpreted by society as “outside the home” hours.  For those parents who choose to stay at home, the answer may be “oh, I don’t work, I’m a stay at home mum/dad”.  However even the hours we are at home with our families, there are still a significant number of hours each week we spend on important and valuable tasks, and as this graphic shows – perhaps even equivalent to the hours of TWO full time jobs.

Now the graphic in this post is purely focussed on a stay at home parent – take a look at our next post based on the hours a working parent puts in each week.

So next time someone asks how many hours you work, tally up all of these tasks!  Would love your comments below.

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